The Laundry – Part 2 – Sorting

This all started out as One post. Then I saw how long it was getting, and I’m like, ain’t nobody readin’ all that at once. Not even me!

So here’s the 2nd of 5 parts. And this part recently changed. A lot. Due to the fancy shmancy all-in-one washer/dryer.

It’s amazing how much effort goes into doing the laundry. Then again, according to my bestie Ren, that’s probably because I put the hyphen in anal-retentive. Just like it should be.

Anywayz. Here’s how I sort the Laundry:

  • Sorting – bleachable whites, lights, reds, darks, and dark darks; further divided into cotton/cotton blends, microfiber, poly/nylon/spandex, bamboo, and lingerie/infused fabrics as needed
  • Towels – each bathroom gets its own set of sorted piles
  • Bed linens – each bed gets its own set of sorted piles; each sheet set is one load, as is each blanket or comforter
  • Furniture linens – each piece of furniture gets its own set of sorted piles, and the throw blankets get their own sorted piles
  • Clothes – each person gets their own set of sorted piles, and fabric weights are further divided to help balance the washer and generate less static in the dryer

Small loads of the items bolded above can go into the all-in-one amazeballs thingy. This thing is awesome. Put in a couple outfits. Walk away. In two to three hours, they’re washed and dried. I’ve also used it’s bulky setting to wash small area or runner rugs  like towels, these don’t dry well in it


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