WhiteHouse.gov Selling eMail Addresses Now!

Yep. There’s a government shutdown. Meaning they need money somehow for those still getting paid, like the f’idiots who got us into this mess.

And apparently one way to do that is to sell off the WhiteHouse email distribution list.

How do I know this? Because I’m on it. In fact, I have an email address and name exclusively used for this list.

And it just started getting spammed today, 2019.01.14.

Yep. The government is in business, selling your information, just like any other big corporation.

Oh, goody.

And, here’s a STILT … Stupid Thing I Learned Today.

It’s been the 14th for 21 hours now, and WordPress put tomorrow’s date on this post. I guess their servers are in the ocean now? Because I’m on the east coast, so 9pm here is dinnertime on the west coast.


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