Review: Ocean’s 8

I’m getting to catch up on a lot of movies while recovering from surgery, and one finally came to HBO that I’ve particularly been waiting for, Ocean’s 8.

I only had two disappointments. First, the formula is virtually identical to the first all-male Ocean’s 11. It was different enough and so well produced that it was not a big deal. Second, I’ve never liked the actress playing the fence / hoarder. Almost anyone would’ve been better, but McKinnon (GhostBusters) would’ve rocked that roll into orbit.

Otherwise, it’s always fun to watch women being their bada$$ selves, and Sandra Bullock as Clooney’s sister was perfect. The whole “are they just friends or …” subtleties between Bullock and Blanchett were incredibly well done.

Hathaway very slightly overplayed Daphne at the end, making the movie a smidgen less satisfying for me.

The movie got panned so bad there probably won’t be a followup, but if there is, getting a new fence, and somehow roping Julia Roberts into the action would be phenom.

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